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Ysgol Gynradd Gatholig Santes Fair

Curious and Active

Saint Ignatius had the great insight that not only were all things made by God and held in existence by God, but that God was working through all of creation for my benefit.  This is often expressed as ‘finding God in all things’ and shapes the Jesuit approach to learning. 

All things are worthy of our attention, curiosity and study because in each one of them there is the possibility of finding God; and not only God but God doing something for me.  This is why Jesuit schools insist on the broadest possible curriculum (a magis or greater and deeper curriculum) and offer the widest variety of extra-curricular activities they can.

Curiosity is needed to sustain learning.  It is what keeps us going through the difficult stuff; it is what opens up new horizons and allows the possibility of ‘finding God in all things.’  Curiosity is key to the Jesuit method of education. 

In the Jesuit tradition, learning is something to be actively engaged in by probing, seeking, asking, challenging, and questioning until the truth is plain – it is to think for oneself and to become an independent and lifelong learner.

It is not often that schoolchildren get the opportunity to change the world but Jesuit schools challenge them to ‘think globally and act locally’, to get involved, changing what they can for the time being, using what they have learned to make small differences, so that they are ready for the day when they can make a big difference.

When, in 1540, he sent St Francis Xavier to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth, St Ignatius said, “Go, set the world ablaze!”  This is what Jesuit schools hope for their pupils as they step out into adult life, active and curious.

"Together we inspire, empower and achieve, with Christ in our hearts"